I think this was possibly my last shoot for Autumn 2017 but it was well worth it! In Northern Ireland when you get decent weather you just have to get outdoors with the camera.  For some reason I grabbed the X100T rather than my X-T2 but I think that was due to me not having much time and wanting to go light.  To be honest I was probably thinking I wouldn't get any decent photos as the typical hazy sky, that we get alot in Northern Ireland, was present.  To my surprise the X100T and Lightroom's dehaze feature did the job.
Hazelbank is what I would call a hidden gem located in Newtownabbey just outside Belfast.  Along the path that leads into Belfast there are two (I think) round towers which were used as lookouts during World War II (WWII). I just had to get these towers into my images.  The other shot I wanted to get was the view across Belfast Lough with the Harland & Wolff cranes in the distance - this shot was definitely a huge challenge as the haze was very bad over Belfast.
The composition suited using the rusty railings along the path as leading lines and an aperture of f8 was used to get a good depth of field. Some people say that the JPegs from the Fuji X cameras can be used straight out of camera (SOOC).  However, I find that some post-processing is needed to bring the real quality out of the RAW files.  Plus it's great to experiment with different looks particularly film looks in Lightroom and Nik Colour Effex - my first image of the tower has a vintage film look that I think looks great.  I also experimented with the white balance on my Belfast Lough image which shifted the colour to blue - I think these has worked well as I really thought this image was not going to turn out well.
I would say I'll not get out doing much photography until January 2018 as Christmas is all about my family and it's always a busy time of the year.  However, I am planning two projects for 2018 - "The Hidden Causeway Coast" and "Mono Belfast Snippets".

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